A Foxy First Birthday Party!

Our little boy is turning ONE, so we took the chance to celebrate his first year together with family and friends. A one-year-old doesn't need anything grand in a party, so I fully admit that the planning and details of the party were for my own pleasure. I had too much fun dreaming, planning, shopping, and crafting for this party. His room is woodland inspired, so I stuck with that and went to town.

I designed this little birthday fox and used him throughout the party.
I made masks for all of the kids. They got to pick from a fox, deer, owl, raccoon, and skunk.
The florist from my wedding took me to a floral market where I got to dream up and pick from rooms and rooms of beautiful flowers! I was in flower heaven! I built and stained some wooden planter boxes and my mom played florist on party day and executed my vision perfectly!! I couldn't have done it without her! I designed the wood "1" toppers and my dad cut them on his laser wood cutter at work.
We played a slideshow of pictures from his first year of life. So fun to reminisce on all of his sweet moments.
My sister had the great idea to cater her son's party, so I saved myself the extra stress and had the delicious Costa Vida cater. That meant all I had to do was the fun stuff- making the rest of it look cute!
We had a coloring table and chalkboard outside for the kids to use.
We had a woodland trees ring toss game for the bigs (I also designed these and had my dad cut them on his laser wood cutter,) and a ball pit that was a hit with the babies.
Then for the big moment- his first cake!
We had a chocolate tree stump cake for the adults too, and orange flavored cupcakes for the littles. 
He ate here and there at his cake, and when he was done, he let us all know by dumping it on the floor!
 Then, he was off to a bath, and we said goodbye to our friends.
 Happy (almost) Birthday to our baby!


the Murrays said...

This is so cute! What did you use for the ears on the fox cake?

Kinzie Sue said...

I used black fondant and made triangles and then piped the orange fur onto the fondant. I stuck them into the cake with wooden skewers. Hope that helps :)

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