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Having to endure the hot Texas summer with a big heater growing on my front side, I decided that skirts would be a neccessity. Not one or two skirts, but many, many skirts. However, my budget and conscience would not allow me to buy a bunch of skirts only to use for three more months then pack away. So my solution was, of course, make them! About a month ago I bought a blue and white ticking stripe fabric at $2/yard- loving it but not knowing what to do with it. Then I bought some 2" wide elastic a few weeks ago to make a skirt, but was a bit intimidated at altering something to be maternity fit. Alas, the heat is getting hotter and the necessity of comfort overruled my fear. I saw this skirt on Gap.com yesterday. After seeing it, I thought to myself, I already have everything to duplicate that on my own.

Their version: $49.50
My version: $3.50

(It even has the horizontal pin tucks at the bottom!)

I even made mine shorter in the front and longer in back to compensate for wearing it below the belly and higher in back- an easy "maternity" alteration! I think I need to buy a mustart yellow shirt so I can match the Gap model. At least now I'm not so scared to make a bunch more flowy summer skirts.


Paul~Melissa said...

That skirt is super cute! You did an awesome job... and $3.50? Wow!

Brooke said...

I am amazed. You are so talented!

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