Wedding Workings: Dressed Up

When searching for the perfect children's outfits for the big wedding day, I knew I would never find them in a store. So, I did what I always do in situations like that... do it myself. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find fabric in the right color, but I walked into the fabric store and the perfect color was available in a variety of dressy fabrics. After dreaming up a dress style and pattern I knew I wanted a pretty sash with the dress. To save myself time and any stress I decided to enlist the help of the Etsy shop Beadle-Bop to make the sash for me. The end results were just as envisioned.

Now that big sister had an outfit, we couldn't leave little brother out. So using some of the same bodice fabric, I created a handsome little bowtie for my little man.
The results were to-die-for! My kiddos enjoyed struttin their stuff and big sister enjoyed getting her groove on and twirling in her dress on the dance floor! Cute outfits for a fabulous day and lively party!!

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Paul~Melissa said...

Gosh you are amazing! I love the dress!

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