Wedding Workings: Mossy

Glass, champagne picture frames, apothecary jars, and moss = a perfect combination if you ask me. I had seen some moss covered letters somewhere and thought that they would be perfect for the wedding. I bought paper mache letters and moss cloth from JoAnn.

Moss cloth can be pricey so make sure to use a coupon. One package of moss cloth covered the entire 12" letter with some to spare. You will also need mod podge (or other adhesive/glue), hot glue, and scissors.

Here are some brief instructions:

1. Cover your work area with plastic, this project is very messy.
2. Paint front of letter with mod podge and stick in the center on the back of the moss cloth. Use hot glue to secure all edges of the front of the letter.
3. Slowly work your way around the letter (like wrapping a tricky present). Brush on some mod podge, line edges of letter with hot glue, and stick.
*If some places are tricky, just use trimmings to patch in holes. I also used some of the fluffy debris to blend moss seams to make the letter look seamless, just put a little bit of mod podge and then sprinkle the moss over it.

The end result looked like this:

The texture is really cool...

We hung these from shepherd hooks at the entrance of the building. Another personalized touch for a beautiful reception.

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