Kitchen Progress

So we tiled the backsplash. Here's a little peek at the kitchen backsplash.
I still need to do a few more finishing details, so more pictures will be in future post.

What I really wanted to show was this quick project I got sidetracked doing when I should have been caulking . . .

With a beautiful new backsplash, we could hardly stand the cluttered fridge detracting from the glistening tiles. 
So while I was out to Home Depot, I picked up two sheets of galvanized metal and some Command picture hanging strips. These are the velcro-like ones.

Then I attached 4 strips on each sheet- 2 at the top, and 2 at the bottom and mounted it (per instructions) to the inside of the two cabinets above the computer desk. 

Now I can simply close the door and the mess and chaos is hidden from sight. Simple project, great impact on the organization of our kitchen.

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