The Layered Skirt

The other day I was working on crossing off some to-do's on my endless list. Cleaning the craft room was the task at hand. I cleared off the sewing table and put away the remnants from my last project. Then I started straightening the cubbies of fabric. That's when my daughter joined me and started oohing and aawing at the pinks and purples and flowers and polka dots. Then I joined in. We picked out a few fabrics then I threw in a few trims. Soon I was measuring my girl and drawing up a pattern. That's when I remembered the adorable Layered Skirt that Dana over on the MADE blog whipped up for her daughter's birthday. It was the pattern I was thinking up, but she already did the measuring and math for me. So this is my funky version of Dana's Layered Skirt. I did everything the same as her pattern suggests, I just added trims to each of the three ruffled layers before sewing the layers together.

"Stop taking pictures and come twirl with me Mommy!"

This skirt is SO my girl. She is spunky, sassy, and girly. She loves to dress up, and since this skirt is fluffy like a tutu, she loves wearing it. (In fact, she wore it for two days in a row!) An added bonus is that it is great for twirling in. 

One last picture. This girl has attitude. This picture is half "I'm so cool!" and half "I'm so done taking pictures." Love her!

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Katherine said...

I found this post through a comment on the original tutorial on Dana's blog. I LOVE the trim you used!

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