Jeans & a T-Shirt

What goes better together than Jeans & a T-Shirt (well besides peanut butter & jelly, cookies and milk, Mickey & Minnie, . . . )? I still had my St. Patricks Day wreath out on the door 25 days post Leprechauns. So I went into the craft room and started looking around. I popped out my old-clothes-that-could-be-used-for-crafting/fabric box and immediately figured out what I was going to do. 

Introducing my Jeans & a T-Shirt Wreath:

I cut up some old jeans and wrapped them around a straw wreath. Then I made some fabric flowers out of a few old tees and stuck them on. I used some ric-rac to hang it and was done.

This wreath is perfect for spring & summer, though knowing me, it will be switched out a few times before summer's end.

1 comment:

BrodieLynn said...

OK, I have to admit that I usually don't love crafty looking things. But this is amazing. Any chance you can teach someone how to make fabric flowers like that? I have wanted to make some for my girls hair and I don't know how! That and I just might have to make me a jean and a t-shirt quilt....

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