HELLO Entry Signage

We have lived in our home for 2 1/2 years now, and up until this week, our entry wall has been bare. I always wanted an entry that was cheery and inviting, but plain beige walls, were not the most welcoming sight. I thought about simply cutting a board and painting or doing vinyl that said "Welcome" but that was too typical for me. So I came up with this instead:

I just bought unfinished wood letters, painted them white, and distressed the edges a smidge.

Then, using Command's picture hanging strips (the velcro-like ones) I mounted them on the wall. The strips make the letters pop away from the wall just a tad, adding a little more dimension, which I love.

Hopefully now, when people come over, they will feel happily welcomed into our home!

What do you have in your entry?

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