Back to School: Outfit Organization

My oldest is starting Kindergarten this year. Just a few more days. She is beyond excited. I'm excited for her, but I sure will miss her! With school comes the busyness of the morning routine: getting dressed, eating breakfast, packing lunch, and getting to school on time. In an attempt to make things less chaotic each morning, I came up with this weekly outfit organization shelving. 

Sometime during the weekend, we will pick out outfits for each day of the coming week. That way each morning she can get dressed without me having to help her pick out and get down an outfit. She can read the days of the week, so this makes for an easy method. 

How I Made Them:

I simply printed the days out on a sheet of cardstock, cut out the rectangles, and laminated them. Then I cut them out again leaving an inch above each day's rectangle. I punched a hole on each side of the extra space and used safety pins to pin them to the fabric clothes tower.

Sidenote: They do have pre-made towers with the days already printed on them. This is simply the cheaper, DIY version.

Can't wait to pick out the first weeks outfits, and particularly the FIRST DAY of SCHOOL outfit. (That was always one of my favorite parts of going back to school.)

How are you getting organized for back to school??

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Jacki said...

To get ready for school, we setup a desk area with box for papers that come home from school, a bulletin board to pin down important papers, put school supplies organized so they can play school at home or do homework. I put all the hair stuff and socks,tissues,sunscreen,etc in our front table in the foyer, so we don't run up and down the stairs while getting ready. And that's the designated spot for library books too. We have a box for plastic spoons and napkins next to snack items so it's easier to make lunches quickly. Sounds like a lot, but it was just moving things around so you store it where it's used and it's easier to clean up.

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