New Lamp Revamp

After building my new entry table, I was on the hunt for a lamp. I had a vision in mind, but the lamps I kept falling in love with were way out of my price range. Like these:
Restoration Hardware: on sale for $145 not including the shade.

I knew just what to do. I headed over to HomeGoods where I knew they would have something that I could work with at a much better price. I found this lamp for $49. Yes, that price was a bit high still, but compared to the designer options, and the fact that I save money by building the entry table myself, I decided to splurge.
The shade was not what I wanted at all. I had another spare shade up in the attic- I think I paid $10 for it originally. I pulled it down and stuck it on. The shape was good, but the color wasn't working.

I had some extra burlap, and got to work recovering my lamp shade.

Using spray adhesive, I stuck the burlap to the shade and cut as I went. I left about an inch extra on the top and bottom that I would use to fold over afterwards. I also left about 2 inches extra to overlap the seams on the back of the shade. Using hot glue I folded over the seam edges and glued it down.

Then I used hot glue to fold over the top and bottom edges into the inside of the shade.

 I cut slits to fit around the shade supports.

I could have been a little more perfect, or added some ribbon to finish it off cleaner, but I'm lazy and figured it didn't really matter. In the end, it turned out exactly as I envisioned. In my opinion, it looks just as good as the expensive designer ones.

Let's do one last comparison:

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Brent and Britta said...

Yep, you're lazy, that's exactly what I was thinking... ;)

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