Boy's Shared Room

Since we are moving, I wanted to post about the boy's rooms before packing everything up. Okay, so a little background. We have four bedrooms, a playroom, and theater room upstairs. Basically it's the kids level of the house. One of the bedrooms was for our daughter, the other three originally for our three boys. It worked out perfect. The end boy room was the NURSERY {Check out that post HERE!}
 I had so much fun putting that nursery together. 

Here is the middle brother's old room before we rearranged. His room was simple and doubled as the guest room since he had a big bed. {See the new, no cost guest room HERE} I used clipboards to display a bunch of puppy prints, because he was puppy obsessed.
I made the whale out of plywood that I cut with a jigsaw. 
Across a jack-and-jill was big brother's room (which I am struggling to find pictures of... I'll update if I find some!)

As the boys all got older, and my baby less of a baby, some rearranging needed to happen. 
The two older boys wanted to share a room, so they moved in together, and baby moved into middle brother's old room. Now all three of them were closer, just a jack-and-jill bathroom away. Rearranging worked better logistically, but it also meant I needed to do some decor coordination amongst the newly combined roommates. 

At first they had beds arranged like so:

That lasted a couple of days, then we moved to bunk beds.
The bedding still didn't match, but we made it work until I got around to a whole room revamp. After some inspiration searching and mood board planning, I came up with something classic yet fun.
All of the bedding was found at Target. The quilts were on clearance for under $10 each because they are twin XL for a post back-to-college sale!
Wall mounted task lights and painted spice racks all from IKEA are perfect for bedtime reading.
These bunk beds have a cool history- my uncles had them as children, then they got handed down and my sisters and I used them when we were kids, and now my kids use them! I love that they've been used by three generations and are still look great!
This clip board is simply that, I painted a 1x6 in a shade darker than the walls and attached large dog clips to display artwork. 
I built the bench and shelves from supplies found at Home Depot. I used a Kreg Jig to attach the two boards together on the bench, then used metal piping to create the legs. The shelves were so easy to make and are pretty self explanatory.

I love how the room turned out!

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