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When moving from Texas to Utah, my husband and I had a quick trip out to Utah to try and find a home. We saw a ton of homes in the course of 2 days. I had seen pictures of this house online and although there were a few things I didn't like from the pictures, I kept coming back to it. When we saw it in person, it was actually the backyard that sold us. Just walking out on the back deck and looking around, I knew it was the one. The imperfections on the inside were less important because we'd be getting such a dreamy yard. 

The space in the house was more than adequate, but some of the styles and decisions were less than desirable to us. We knew the first areas we wanted to tackle and change were the floors and kitchen. Here are the before pictures of the space featured on the home's sale listing.

Here are a few pictures of details I took during our showing:
 That pantry pictured above was small and hard to access the top shelf. We planned to tear the whole thing out and make this entire wall a built in cabinet pantry to better maximize storage space.
The cabinets weren't terrible, they just weren't our style and little details like the hinges made them feel dated.

The sink and faucet were actually really nice. The sink was a heavy cast iron sink, too bad it was almond colored. The faucet was a nice Delta faucet that I would have kept had it matched the new colors.

The granite was newer to the house but didn't fit our new design plans so it too would go.

And our favorite part the scalloped floating trim piece and the off centered light fixture... that also hung right at eye level preventing view to the backyard:

I made an inspiration board of all the elements I wanted to be added to the new kitchen. It's nice for me to see everything in one space to make sure I like it all together.

Sources: (Some of these do contain affiliate links)
Kitchen source (L to R): Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2, Kitchen 3, Island corbel (can't find the original source), Pantry.

I can't wait to show the DURING and AFTER photos. It was a major process, but so worth the end results!

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