Nursery Accents

So I've made a little progress in decorating the kiddos nursery. The first was a project I saw on the Small Magazine's Smaller Blog a while back. There is a link to it on my Free Tutorials page. I found the bird for $1.50 and man was it ugly. I spray painted it white. See look: Then I found this flexi embroidery hood at the thrift store for $1.15 and it was ugly too ( I realize I probably could have found some other hoop-like thing to use, but I liked the look of the handle at the top. But that ugly hoop turned into this finished product, a birdy mobile: I just saved scraps while I was making K's quilt and Little Brother's bedding and used a few other scraps to cover the hoop. Overall the project cost what, $2.65, not bad!

Then, as I mentioned in my last post, I was on the hunt for a buoy and other nautical decor. My sisters found these for me at HomeGoods. They always have great accents. I was going to make the buoy myself but with the lower cost of this one, I decided to save myself the hassel (though I still think I may try it sometime this summer...)
I also got a fist knot, which I LOVE.

Now I just need to organize it all and hang up a few more things.

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