Meet Little Willis!

Remember this post a while back about my whale obsession? Nautical + whales + boy = perfect combo in my mind. I had been looking to buy a little whale softy for baby brother, but couldn't find one that I liked well enough. Thus, this spur-of-the-moment plush was created. Meet Willis the Whale:
He is a soft, stretchy light blue knit on top, and a gray wool on his belly, with french knot eyes. Being one of my first softies, there are things I now know to make one differently in the future (especially considering that I made it without a pattern...) He matches the sailboat pillow I made a bit ago. He is ready to be slobbered, chewed, and cuddled on!

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Ashley said...

I just found the cutest babyshoes ever- seriously there are some cute ones out there, but look at these:
If you figure out how to make them, you have to post a tutorial. I love the ella organic cotton one for the little girl. I wish I had seen these when Braden was little, the boy shoes are darling!

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