Ready to Set Sail

After finding out that we were having a boy, the search for the perfect crib bedding began. Since big sister and little brother will be sharing a room in this apartment, my options were limited- I didn't want to combine too many colors and patterns so that the room would not be too crazy. I'm pretty picky and was having no luck. So my obvious solution was: make it myself. If you remember, big sister's new bedding is made using the pink and green prints from Tanya Whelan's Darla collection. So I decided to use two of the green prints (the ticking stripe and ditty) to make little brother's bedding. It was actually much cheaper than buying, and much easier than I was expecting. Here is the finished bumper.
A while back, when dreaming of how to decorate for a boy, I had great visions of doing a vintage nautical style. Since the two are in the same room, I have to limit this style a bit. Instead, I made this little pillow to go in his crib as the start to nautical decor. I'm thinking that now I want to get one of those rustic buoys to put somewhere in the room... I'm on the hunt for one with the perfect colors.
Here it is all together.
I love the way it turned out. Not to overbearing- simple and clean.
It looks great alongside big sister's bedding. I'll be sure to take pictures of the whole room once all the little details are added. Now all we need is little brother to arrive.


Shelly Beth said...

You did such a great job! It looks amazing! I am sure it all fits so well with K's room. I hope the next few months fly by so you can soon have that little brother in his crib! My baby's crib is looking awfully lonely right now...

Adam & Wendy said...

Way cute. I'm loving the pillow! If you have a Homegoods by you, check it out for the accessories, ours has a bunch. My guess is you didn't, but I have to ask anyway, did you use a pattern for the bumper or did you just make it up? I might be making our baby's bedding too.

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