Busy Binders

With an upcoming road trip soon approaching, I have been trying to come up with as many things as possible to keep my kiddos entertained, busy, and happy. That's when I decided to make some Busy Binders. I actually got the idea when I was shopping for my daughter's school supplies. I initially bought some plastic folders with brads, but quickly realized that they would not hold nearly enough stuff. So I traded those out for some 1 1/2 inch binders, and quickly started filling them up. Oh, and of course I had to make some cute covers...

I bought several of those zippered binder pouches to keep the smaller objects and activities.

I added some vintage storybook pictures to the back covers because my kids love to look at all the little details of the pictures. Just another way to pass the time.

Here are some things to include in a Busy Binder.

  • file folder games
  • stickers
  • picture search pages
  • colored pencils, crayons, or color wonder markers and sheets
  • printable coloring pages, mazes, and word searches - find several free ones at Mr. Printables
  • a map of the United States (or one of where you are visiting)- I found ours also on Mr. Printables
  • lacing cards- here's a tutorial to make your own on Little Birdie Secrets
  • preschool printables- some of my free printables, such as the Number Wheel game would be great.
  • magazines
  • small soft cover books- the ones you get in Chick-fil-a kids meals are perfect.
  • coloring books
  • blank paper
  • binder eye spy bags- make your own with Six Sisters' Stuff

These are perfect for traveling, but also great for church or whenever you need to keep those kiddos occupied and happy.

What else would YOU put in a Busy Binder?

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