Ombre Pony Cake

My little daughter is in love with My Little Ponies. She requested a My Little Pony cake for her party, and I was excited to figure out my design and make it for her. The day before her party I made and baked the cake, and after she went to bed I made tons of frosting and decorated it. It took a while, but I love how it turned out! I only took a few pics on Instagram of the process:
pink cake batter!

lots of colorful frosting

When my little 5-year-old woke up, I was so excited to show her. She squealed when she saw all the pink, and then she saw the pony and was thrilled! It was so fun to cut into it and see the layers of pink- I love me some ombré!

This pretty much proves that I'd do anything to see my daughter smile!

P.S. I used the tutorial HERE to make the pony on top of the cake.

1 comment:

moey said...

Oh, it's sooo beautiful. I bet she loved it. :) You are one dedicated mama.

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